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Technology Innovation

As the largest coal production enterprise in China, China Shenhua Energy Company Limited always attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation since establishment and enhances its self-innovative ability continuously. For the building of innovation systems, China Shenhua Energy Company Limited carries out system design and formulates unified layout in accordance with its own development needs and the characteristics of industry development, and focuses on the idea of “one centre, two principles and three systems” in order to explore and implement Shenhua’s technological and innovation projects based on integration of resources, resulting in an obvious enhancement of its integrated research and development capability. On this basis, through the integration of industry and academic research, China Shenhua had launched a series of significant technological projects reaching international advanced level and realized exceptional enterprise development characterized by leaps and bounds. Thus, Shenhua has become an excellent coal-based energy company in China as well as one of the most influential international energy company.

  • Important Projects

    搜狐彩票Digital Mine Construction Shenhua key technology research and de

    搜狐彩票 Coal Operations:

    搜狐彩票 For coal mining, the trial run of the “Top Coal Caving Mining Technology” in Baode Mine at Shendong Mines was successful, increasing the recovery rate of the working face from 60% to 89%, and the trial application was also commenced; the trial run of the “Thin Coal Seam Automated Mining Technology in Shendong Mines” at one working face was completed, attaining initial success; achievements of the “R&D of Pre-warning System for Open Cut Mine Transportation Vehicles in Heidaigou” were applied on full scale, avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents;

    For upgrade of coal quality, two trial operations of the “Development and Construction of Industrial Trial Line for Low Calorific Value Coal Quality Upgrade and Processing” were commenced which raised the calorific value to 4,900 kcal./kg, effectively enhancing the utilization value of the low calorific value coal;

    搜狐彩票 For integrated utilization, significant breakthrough was made in the “R&D of Fly Ash Integrated Utilization Industrial Technology System in Zhunge’er Mines”, producing metallurgical alumina of the national standard (First Class) with a production cost lower than that applying the traditional technology in the production of alumina;

    搜狐彩票 With respect to facilities localization, satisfactory performance was achieved in the trial run of the domestic continuous miners with a monthly average recovery progression of 1,000 meters and a mining capacity of approximately 30,000 tonnes; in respect of the “7-meter Hydraulic Supporter and its Supportive Equipment” project, the design of the domestic 7-meter supporter and the research of prototype were completed; the domestic electro-hydraulic control system was successfully applied in two working faces in Tanggonggou Mines where its failure rate and part replacement rate were lower than those of the imported electro-hydraulic control system during the period.

    Transportation Operations:

    搜狐彩票 Interim progress was made in the “Research on Small Radius and Reverse Curve Rail Wear Principle and Fast Detection Technology” project, which fully resolved the rail wear problems and enabled fast detection to prevent railway accidents;

    Acceptance check for the “Integrated Simulation Training System for Rail Transport” was completed, filling the gap of China in the development of such area and enhancing the operational and management training standards of our railway workers.

    Power Operations:

    10,000-tonne grade low temperature multi-effect seawater desalination technology and equipment were successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights, producing a seawater desalination equipment with a daily production capacity of 12,000 tonnes desalinated water and realizing its saturated capacity;

    Achieved success in the “Research on Application of 500KV Line Series Compensated Transmission and Sub-synchronous Resonance Suppression Technology”, realizing tentative steady operation.

  • Technology Communication

    搜狐彩票Technology Communication

    In 2009, the Company generated a number of significant technological achievements in the area technological innovation despite the technological challenges that arose in the course of China Shenhua’s development and acquired the corresponding intellectual property rights, generating enormous economic benefits. In 2009, the Company was granted the National Scientific Technology Progress Award (Second Class) as a result of the “Coal Development Utilization Technological Innovation Project through Technology Resources Integration” and “Large Mining Height Fully Mechanized Comprehensive Technology and Equipment with an Annual Capacity of 6 Million Tonnes”, and set new records in 33 achievements among the PRC enterprises, accounting for one-third of those in the coal industry.

  • Patents


    China Shenhua attaches importance to patent application and protection and was granted a total of 253 patents as of 31 December 2009. In 2009, China Shenhua accelerated its research on the strategies of intellectual property rights and formulated the “Intellectual Property Rights Strategies of China Shenhua Energy Company Limited” and the “Implementation Guide on Intellectual Property Rights Strategies of China Shenhua Energy Company Limited”, at the same time stepped up its efforts in intellectual property rights functions featuring patent application. It was granted with a total of 71 patents including 12 invention patents. The Company demonstrated an increasing growth momentum in respect of the grant of patents.

    搜狐彩票 With regard to intellectual property training, the Company subsequently organized 6 intellectual property rights training workshops in Shendong Coal Group, Guohua Research Institute and Shenhua Tianjin Coal Dock with more than 200 attendees, which effectively increased the dissemination of intellectual property rights knowledge and the awareness of importance of intellectual property rights among our staff.


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Technology Innovation2020-04-02-搜狐彩票