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Environment Friendly

Aiming at building a “resource conservation and environmental-friendly” enterprise, China Shenhua has been committed to the construction of “green mines”, “environmental-friendly power plants” and “green distribution channels” by fully implementing the basic state policy of resource conservation and environmental protection.
The Company regards resource conservation and environmental protection as key to sustainable development. By continuously optimizing the industrial structure and product portfolio, utilising the potential of technological development and strengthening management and assessment to maximize efficiency of resource utilization and minimize impact on the environment, the Company explored comprehensive solutions focusing on “low-carbon development by high-carbon industry”, thereby making contributions to the building of “beautiful” China.
In 2012, there were no major environmental pollution accidents reported in the Company. In January 2013, Daliuta mine, Bulianta mine, Heidaigou open-cut mine, Yujialiang mine, Baode mine and Shengli Energy, all being subsidiaries of the Company, were recognized as the “Most Beautiful Mines in China”.

搜狐彩票 The Company fully strengthened the management of construction projects simultaneously in the following three aspects: environmental impact assessment, water conservation and energy assessment. As for proposed projects,the Company makes proactive plans since the stage of preliminary project listing so as to ensure that all projects have completed procedures of environmental impact assessment, water conservation and energy assessment before construction. As for projects under construction, the Company steps up construction efforts by strictly implementing the environmental impact assessment, water conservation and energy assessment system in a view to ensure all projects have completed procedures of inspection and acceptance before being put into operation. As for projects under production and operation, the Company implements energy conservation and pollution prevention measures in a comprehensive manner in an attempt to ensure long-term and stable up-to-standard operation.

搜狐彩票 Building progress of the three energy conservation and environmental protection systems of China Shenhua in 2012


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Environment Friendly2020-04-02-搜狐彩票-auljori.cn-auljori.cn