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Production Safety

Safety concept:

All accidents can be avoided, any risks can be controlled

搜狐彩票 Mine can do dead people

搜狐彩票 Gas production is not overrun, overrun is an accident

Safety Objective:

And resolutely put an end to the larger more accidents, safety indicators continue to maintain the level of the country's leading

Safety concepts and achievements:

Safe production is China Shenhua most basic social responsibility, but also to protect the interests of employees basic premise. Companies strive to create an intrinsically safe enterprise, the company's coal production, transportation and power generation business to create a good safety record, the company has become China's coal industry, high-yield, efficient and safe production model.

搜狐彩票 Corporate security management of the highest decision-making body for the Board and its safety, health and environmental committee . Headquartered safety supervision bureau , responsible for production safety and occupational health management. Company in accordance with the " headquarters of regulatory , corporate responsibility , and all staff involved in " principle , the establishment of the headquarters , sub- ( sub ) Company, each mine ( factory, office, section ) hierarchical management of production safety mechanism to achieve vertical in the end , lateral to the edge network security management duties .


Company promptly organize safety meetings to address safety issues . In 2011, the company's board under the correct leadership , the company safety, health and environmental committee meetings , safety meetings , president of security in the form of office meeting held 7 meetings of corporate security topics to study and solve a number of key issues of security constraints . Monthly safety meetings held weekly regular meeting of the Security video of the deployment of safety related work.


2011 Company formulated and improved "Coal Mine supervise the handling of significant security risks plate management approach ", "Electricity production accident investigation order" and other 16 safety rules and regulations , revised the Company and its business areas " production safety accidents comprehensive emergency plan " and other 13 special plans to further improve the safety management system, optimize workflow , ensuring security system science , rationality and applicability.



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Production Safety2020-04-02-搜狐彩票